Scientific name: Citrus limon
Family name: Oleaceae
Extraction part: Pericarp
Extraction method: Steam distillation
Note: Top note
Main constituents of essential oil: Limonene, beta-pinene, gamma-terpinene, geranial, alpha-pinene, etc.
Place of origin: Kochi Prefecture

Lemon essential oil is a representative of citrus fruits. Its fresh, clean scent refreshes the senses.

The name “lemon” comes from the Arabic and Persian words “lymun” and “limun,” which refer to the citrus fruit. Lemons were not cultivated in Europe until after the Crusader expeditions, but Pliny’s “Natural History” mentions that lemons were used as an antidote, and their benefits have been known since ancient times.
In Japan, lemons are mostly grown in warmer areas south of western Japan, often in areas where citrus cultivation is popular, such as Hiroshima Prefecture and Shikoku Island. The 18 Graduates essential oil is carefully extracted from fruits grown in Shikoku.

Ordinary lemon essential oil is produced by a method called “pressing” and is therefore phototoxic, but the 18 days essential oil is produced by “steam distillation” and is therefore not phototoxic. Therefore, it can be used safely for baths and massages.
However, those with sensitive skin should be careful about the amount used as it may cause irritation.

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