Scientific name: Cryptomeria japonica

Family name: Cypress family

Extraction part: Branch and leaf

Extraction method: Steam distillation

Note: Middle note

Main constituents of essential oil: α-pinene, cis-β-ocimene, hedikalinol, etc.

Place of origin: Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture

Essential oil of Sugi -Japanese cedar- (Cryptomeria japonica), which is native to Japan and is a different species from the Himalayan cedar commonly called Cedar or Cedar wood.

The essential oil of Japanese cedar for Jyuhacnihichi(18th) is made from the leaves of the cedar and contains components such as Sabinene and Limonene, which are useful for refreshing the body and mind.

Cedar is used for sake barrels, and in addition to its role as a flavoring agent, it is also characterized by its antiseptic properties.

It is often avoided by hay fever sufferers, but in fact, it contains anti-allergic ingredients that help alleviate the symptoms of hay fever.

The Minamiaizu region has long been home to rich forest resources and a thriving forestry industry, including material production and lumbering. However, in recent years, the forestry industry has been facing a severe situation such as a slump in domestic timber prices, and the entire industry is suffering from exhaustion.

Therefore, in order to add new value to the forests of Minamiaizu, we have started a project to extract essential oil from the leaves of cedar trees that have been trimmed.

The forests of Minami-Aizu are certified under the SGEC forest certification system.

We collect branches and leaves from the well-managed forest, distill them, and produce essential oil with consistent control and traceability.

After the essential oil is distilled, it is matured under the appropriate conditions, resulting in a fragrant essential oil that is both refreshing and sharp.

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