Scientific name: Magnolia salicifolia
Family name: Magnoliaceae
Extraction part: Branch and leaf
Extraction method: Steam distillation
Note: Middle note
Main components of essential oil: 1.8-cineole, safrole, sabinene, camphene, beta-pinene, etc.
Place of origin: Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture

Nioikobushi, also known as Tamushiba, has long been known for its fragrance.
The flowers of nioikobushi have long been soaked in alcohol and sold as a perfume material in Minami-Aizu, Japan. When the leaves are chewed, they have a faint sweet taste, which is why they were called “Kamuishiba” and then “Tamushiba.
The dried winter buds of T. japonica are known as Shin-i in herbal medicine. Shini is used as a headache remedy and rhinitis medicine, probably due to the effects of the essential oil it contains.

The scent is completely different depending on where the plant is collected, and the 18-day-old nioikobushi has a complex scent with citrus and spice in a refreshing green tone. This is due to the presence of eugenol in the ingredients, which has a cinnamon-like aroma that adds depth to the fragrance.

The fragrance is said to be so well-balanced that it does not require a perfumer.

The white flowers of the nioikobushi bloom in early spring. The flowers bloom in the mountains where there is still snow, and are popular as flowers that herald the arrival of spring in snowy areas.

Nioikobushi trees do not grow in clusters, and in order to collect the trees for essential oil, one must find a place where nioikobushi trees grow and collect them one by one. Since the work is done in the mountains, it is very difficult to secure enough to distill into essential oil. In addition, because it can be confused with other trees, only a craftsman who knows the mountain and the tree well can collect it.

The oil extraction rate is also lower than that of cypress, making it a very valuable essential oil.

It has a strong stimulating effect on the skin, so please be careful about the amount you use.

 Please refrain from using it during pregnancy.

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